2 books by James Snow (.ePUB)+

2 books by James Snow (.ePUB)+

2 books by James Snow
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Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Pegged By His Date
When David meets Heather for their third date, things get a little wild. After sharing their fantasies online together one thing leads to another. With their date going so well and their raw animal passion taking over, Heather can’t help but want to try out one of their shared fantasies.
With a brand new toy Heather surprises David, ready to help him experience something he never has before. Armed and ready, with her toy fastened around her waist, David finds himself on the receiving end…

Pegged On Training
What should have been a boring week of training, quickly transformed into something completely insane for Chris. After meeting Zoe and Jacqui, two beautiful managers from other stores, Chris soon finds himself in a situation he’d never expected to be in.
Having returned to Zoe’s hotel room with her, the women spring their trap, taking him completely by surprise. Now, faced with the opportunity to explore one of his biggest fantasies, he has to make a choice.
Neither of them are willing to let him have complete control, and the toy Jacqui wields makes that clear. Is he willing to let them have their fun in exchange for his own, or will he back away from the temptation?

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Pegged By His Date
Pegged On Training


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