2 Books by Jade Royal (.ePUB)

2 Books by Jade Royal (.ePUB)

2 Books by Jade Royal
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.2 mB
Overview: Jade Royal is a blogger and author that writes all things Romance bringing stories alive one keystroke at a time.
Genre: Romance


Two Halves of a Broken Heart – Sometimes craving something, will make you cling to what you want… even if it’s not good for you. Lucien Ray and Irys Black knew well of this sentiment. Despite being complete strangers, both Lucien and Irys desperately craved the same thing. Love. They both wanted to feel that undeniable love with a partner that would stick by their side no matter what. But they were looking for love in all the wrong places. Lucien, as someone diagnosed with a disease, felt his chances at love was minimal. Irys, a confident and curvaceous woman, comfortable with her weight, but as a larger woman, her options for love were slim. Eventually reality sets in, and the both of them realize that the love they clung onto wasn’t as fulfilling as they had hoped for it to be. But then fate intervened. Lucien and Irys stumbled into each other’s lives.
The first encounter was so subtle, yet the both of them couldn’t deny the enthrallment they felt towards each other. When they both realized they had broken hearts that needed mending their connection further strengthened. But like a virus, the insecurities of their past failed relationships rooted itself into their new relationship and threatened to corrupt what they were trying to build.
In this standalone novel, take a journey with Lucien and Irys to see both halves of a broken heart attempt to come together in order to be whole again.

Stolen – What would you do if you were kidnapped? Blossom faced that same question when she found herself in the clutches of a man who was hell bent on keeping her trapped for the rest of her life. Resorting to live a lie, Blossom’s life was slowly stolen away from her, seemingly sucking her soul away. And then she spotted Deputy SynTanner Monroe. Without knowing how it would play out, Blossom took the plunge, risking not only her life but that of others to break herself free from her captor. Deputy SynTanner was in search of salvation himself, needing a second wind in his career. What he didn’t expect was to be thrown into the midst of a crime by a beautiful woman who was just desperate for a savior. Not only was Blossom stolen by one psychotic man but the man who was there to save her was running the risk of stealing her heart.

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