2 Books by Holly Champion (.ePUB)+

2 Books by Holly Champion (.ePUB)+

2 Books by Holly Champion
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Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Blacked: Her Thug Tenant
Forty year old Donna decides to rent out the cozy double wide trailer she and her husband Dave used to share when they were much younger following the end of their twenty year marriage, and when a black thug named Tyrone shows up fresh from prison looking for a place to live she takes a huge chance by renting to him against the advice of her best friend Mary.
It doesn’t take long before Tyrone stops paying the rent, starts dealing again, and even moves a girl in to pimp out while laughing in Donna’s face whenever she tries to collect the money she’s owed. He knows what she really wants, and isn’t satisfied until she’s begging to have her long hidden dark desires satisfied once and for all.
When Donna finally goes over to give him one last warning before she evicts him, he gives her a night she will never forget., instead. And when the inevitable happens she finds herself with someone she never expected to be with.

Blacked: Cucked in the Ghetto
When Jeffrey takes his gorgeous but naïve nineteen-year old girlfriend Desi deep into the ghetto to buy some drugs, he never dreams Bogey, his black and murderous dealer, will demand some alone time with Desi when Jeffrey can’t pay. And, he never dreams Desi will go along with it. Or, he will have to watch. And even join in.
Most of all, neither Bogey or Jeffrey realize Desi is a lot smarter than she looks, and by the time she leaves them that night, has them both figured out for good. Along with her future.

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Blacked: Her Thug Tenant

Blacked: Cucked in the Ghetto


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