2 books by Grace Barron (.ePUB)+

2 books by Grace Barron (.ePUB)+

2 books by Grace Barron
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Genre: Fiction > Erotic


A Night of Stranger Sex
When the urge to play out her fantasy about a night of stranger sex becomes too much to resist a young woman decides to book a hotel and go looking for it. Going to a quiet bar across the street she attracts the attention of a man playing pool and accepts his offer of a game.
As they play she makes it obvious she is available and finally tells him she is staying in the hotel across the street. Inviting him back for a drink, she finds he wants something more. He leads her into an alley behind the bar and her stranger sex fantasy comes true with some wild outdoor sex.

Nude Modeling
Short on funds and needing a quick way to get some money, a young woman applies to an advert in her local paper looking for nudes to pose for an art class. She finds the act of disrobing in front of strangers to be an erotic experience and when the owner offers her an increase in pay for a more unconventional class she decides to accept.
Made to masturbate in front of a group of male and female artists she brings herself almost to the point of orgasm when the class ends. Her frustration doesn’t last for long though as she finds out the owner ended the class to take advantage and she is taken all the way to a climax by some frantic after-class action.

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A Night of Stranger Sex
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