2 Books by Evelyn Boyett (.ePUB)

2 Books by Evelyn Boyett (.ePUB)

2 Books by Evelyn Boyett
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Overview: Evelyn Boyett grew up on a farm outside Topeka, Kansas. Evelyn spent most of her youth climbing trees, riding horses, swimming and fishing in her daddy’s pond. When Evelyn wasn’t reveling in the great outdoors she enjoyed watching Black Spurs and Gunfight at Comanche Creek at her grandmother’s house.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


A Fiery Bride For A Protective Rancher – At some point, a woman has to make a stand…
Christine is a fiery woman. She’s not afraid to buck the norm. She loves working on the farm, riding horses, and enjoying entertainment most women aren’t meant to partake in. She longs for independence and joy, but deeply fears that she’ll never acquire either.
She grew up on a struggling farm with her family. For years, she’s been urged to find a husband. However, she fears being forced to change who she is because of men like Henry.
William lost his wife three years ago. Since her death, William has been raising his twin daughters with only the help of his brother. He’s closed himself off from the world completely, fearing that being close with others will lead to nothing but heartbreak.
Christine is stubborn and determined to fight for her freedom, but she’s going to need help, someone who will stand with her against the proposed wedding to someone she despises.
Can she find the courage to protect her family, tell the man she loves how she really feels, and save their home? Or will her fear keep her trapped for the rest of her life?

A Rebellious Heiress For A Stubborn Rancher – Marla Hazelton is a wealthy heiress from Boston. She grew up in a life of parties, and social functions, but she finds extremely difficult to trust men. She feels that they are always after her money. That’s why she decides to be brave by answering a mail order bride ad in the paper in order to start a new life away from all these riches.
Jake Randall is a wealthy rancher who inherited his successful ranch from his father only a couple of years ago. He’s had nothing but trouble with women throwing themselves at him because of his fortune. There’s one in particular that his mother has been pushing at him over and over. He is sick of it and wants to marry someone who doesn’t care about money.
So Marla and Jake start corresponding. They both tell the truth about themselves, but keep their fortunes as a secret. When Marla arrives, they get married and Jake takes her back to his ranch. She is shocked to see that Jake is wealthy and she is immediately furious that he lied to her about this.
At the same time, Jake’s mother is plotting against Marla by working together with the woman that she thinks is a better match for her son. Once Jake finds out that Marla lied to him gets so ticked off that she was so upset with him for not telling the truth when she had done the exact same thing.
Will they, and their precarious new feelings for each other, survive all the scheming from Jake’s family that aims to push them apart? Or will they both lose their only opportunity to find true love?

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