2 books by Elle Nicolette (.ePUB)+

2 books by Elle Nicolette (.ePUB)+

2 books by Elle Nicolette
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Overview: About Elle Nicolette
Elle Nicolette is a California girl with California dreams. When she’s not hiking or at the beach, she’s typing away!
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Getting Off at My Blind Date’s House
Meg just had a wild time at her book club private “after party” with the hot lesbian model, Kelly. You can read about their experience in “Getting Off at My Book Club.” Now, she just got hooked up on her first blind date that’s about get wet and wild again once her date has to slip away to an emergency at work. Meg’s left all alone with Kelly again and they take an erotic dip into the gorgeous pool with the backdrop of the L.A. glittering lights. It won’t be the only thing glittering! That’s for sure.
Warning, this lesbian erotica short story will leave you quite disheveled.

Getting Off at My Book Club
Meg is an accomplished intellectual who is about to find stimulation in more places than one in this steamy explorative lesbian erotica short story. ☺ With a PHD in literature, a fabulous L.A. Bungalow, and cooking skills to put those on Iron Chef to shame, Meg is a well rounded, successful curvy gal whose ache has been growing by the night for that special touch. Tonight at her book club she will finally feel that special warm touch down there.

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Getting Off at My Blind Date’s House
Getting Off at My Book Club


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