2 Books by Cody Ryder (.ePUB)

2 Books by Cody Ryder (.ePUB)

2 Books by Cody Ryder
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Overview: Cody is a typical Southern California native – in love with the sun, the beach, and In N Out burgers, but more than anything he loves writing sweet stories about the special type of love that can blossom between two men.
Genre: Fiction > Romance MM


Chasing Stars – Wrecked car, wrecked movie, wrecked image. That’s Christopher Lawton: Hollywood’s latest celebrity wreck. After decking Hollywood’s most powerful producer in the face for blacklisting his movie, he’s hidden himself away at a secluded mountain resort called the Constellation Lodge to avoid media attention until the whole thing blows over. He expected to be bored out of his mind. He didn’t expect to meet Jackson.
Jackson Baker hates the film industry. His whole family is big in the business, but he wants nothing to do with the hollow, toxic world behind the glitz and glam. Self-exiled to the Constellation Lodge, he needs to finish his second novel and prove that he can succeed without the assistance of his well-connected family.
Christopher loves that Jackson has no clue of who he is, but he can’t keep his celebrity a secret forever. Will the truth ruin a connection that seems to be written in the stars?

Silver Star – James
His role in the world’s most famous movie rocketed him into the spotlight over twenty years ago, but today it’s the only thing people remember him for. In New York City for a fan convention, all James can see are reminders of his failed career and marriage.
Then, fortune puts him in the path of another lost soul.
James is straight, so how can he be feeling this way about another man—especially one so much younger than him? But the heat he feels for Alan can’t be denied… Could this be what he’s been looking for?
A former office-worker suffering from a quarter-life crisis, Alan dropped everything to search for the passion sorely missing in his life—but now that he’s actually in NYC, he has no idea where to even begin looking.
Enter James. Charming, sophisticated, adventurous—everything Alan isn’t. Not to mention he’s a movie star. It doesn’t matter how right it feels, how could it ever work?
With only four days to spend together in a city far from home, how can Alan convince James—and himself—that this is what they both need?

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