2 books by Christie Bissette (.ePUB)+

2 books by Christie Bissette (.ePUB)+

2 books by Christie Bissette
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Overview: About Christie Bissette
Christie Bissette is the author of hot erotica. All of her secret fantasies and even some of her real-life escapades come to life in the pages of her books.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


A First Step
I was 19 years old and just starting to discover my sexuality when I moved from the Midwest to New York City to go to art college. Thankfully, I had my 35-year-old step-aunt Katrina to look after me. Kat was beautiful and nice, and I loved getting to know her and spend time with her. Soon, I realized that I was falling hard for Kat, but…I felt like that was forbidden, and besides, I had never actually been with another woman before. Then one night, something so hot and incredible happened…and everything in my life changed as my step-aunt made me feel so amazing, and showed me how to make her feel amazing, too.

Sneeking A Peek
His stepmom was so hot and sexy, and he fantasized about all the things he wanted to do with her, even though he knew she was off limits to him. Then one day, something happened in the house and while he was looking at her, he got aroused and she noticed. He was embarrassed, but his stepmom didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she seemed to really like it. But how far into forbidden territory would they go?

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