2 books by Celia Strapp (.ePUB)+

2 books by Celia Strapp (.ePUB)+

2 books by Celia Strapp
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Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Possessed By Lord Cartwright
When the inexperienced, sexy maid Emily Boyd sees something she is not meant to see, she knows she’s in trouble. She catches Lord Cartwright, her cruel and demanding master, doing something wicked to two other servants.
Soon, she’s going to have to pay for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Soon, she’s going to learn just how perverse and depraved her Lord is. Soon, she’s going to be over his knee and begging for more, hard and without protection, helping the Lord to produce an heir.

Probed By The Doctor
Victorian Taboo Medical BDSM Erotic Romance
After a humiliating wedding-night faux-pas, buxom, inexperienced Lillian Swinburn is sent for correctional treatment at the practice of Doctor Brown, a stern, dominant doctor, with a very unconventional bedside manner.
After probing, restraining and diagnosing Lillian with a variety of implements, he decides that the only way to correct her symptoms is with swift, stern corporal punishment. Soon, she’s begging for him to thoroughly examine her, hard and without protection!

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Possessed By Lord Cartwright
Probed By The Doctor


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