2 books by Caldon Mull (.ePUB)

2 books by Caldon Mull (.ePUB)

2 books by Caldon Mull
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 900 kB
Overview: Caldon Mull has had a long publishing career in Technology, and various Game publications under different nom de plumes, and in his own name. He has travelled extensively throughout Africa and Central Asia, and has worked in Antarctica. In this time he has become a sous chef, a therapy counselor, a technician and an consultant for business and military sectors. When he is not currently working in a Technology field, he is usually writing Science Fiction and Fantasy, and looking to expand his Genre work into new directions. He is an unrepentant petrolhead with a weakness for Classic Italian Cars.
Genre: Erotic Romance MM


Andy is an extremely traumatized young man at the lowest point in his life, isolated and alone in the fringes of society in a small rural town, discarded by his fiancé. Realizing he has no place to go but down from there, Andy begins to rebuild his life in sexually explicit stages and to deal with the issues that have beset him, and battles to face his personal demons with any help he can get. Andy begins his journey by reaching out with the only tools he has confidence in, his athleticism, his attractiveness and his body. Through the healing powers of sex and with his own personal magnetism, Andy cements a series of loving friendships and continues his journey onwards with the Football Club struggling to win some acceptance. As Andy follows on his path, his personal changes are reflected in others around him, and slowly he is able to reverse all the damage in his life. His story is told in journal entries in his own words.

Weatherman (Sci-Fi)
It is 2226AD and it’s Autumn on Mars. The 3rd Fleet of the InSystems has landed and brought new technologies with them to aid the Terraforming that the 1st Fleet and the 2nd Fleet began since Earth-flight. Mars_Starmind runs the Mars Channel Network and owns almost all the contracts of the cyber-enhanced InSystems culture. Esteban Perez is the MCN Weatherman but is he just another MCN machine cog?
Esteban unwittingly enters the covert battle for Humanity’s self-determination on a new Planet as the Mars_Starmind conscripts him for a special task that only he can accomplish; one that he was literally made for. Is Esteban a master of his own fate, or simply a cats-paw? Is Esteban an expensive asset or is he more than that?
Esteban might not know any of these answers but he does know something for sure; Esteban Perez is the Weatherman.

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