2 books by Avery Vaughn (.ePUB)+

2 books by Avery Vaughn (.ePUB)+

2 books by Avery Vaughn
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Overview: About Avery Vaughn
Avery Vaughn has an insatiable appetite for all things taboo, and that desire has brought her here to share all those dirty little ideas running around in her head with you. Join her for the wildest, most risqué ride of your life.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


The Brat’s Big Day at Work
I couldn’t believe I’d lost my job. Sure, it was a dead end, fast food sort of thing, but it paid well enough and I was trying to save up so I could get my own place.
Luckily, the man of the house , Bill, came through and offered me a secretary position at his firm. My first day was going as I expected, a little boring while I learned the ropes from the secretary who was leaving, but the job itself wasn’t terrible so I didn’t feel like I could complain.
Then, the man of the house called me to an orientation meeting, one that was nothing like I’d ever experienced before. The man of the house and his colleagues were ready and waiting to take me hard and without protection to really break me into my new position, and several other positions while we were at it. You’ll have to read more to see what happens next!

The Brat Gets Pinned: A First Time Taboo Erotica Short
I catch myself still thinking about his body, his strong arms wrapped around me…
I was crushed… sort of. My boyfriend had just broken up with me because I didn’t want to do the things he wanted to do, but why would I? He was immature and selfish. If I was going to do anything like what he wanted, it was going to be with a real man… like the man of the house.
Not that I ever thought anything could happen between us until one night in a bowling alley… secluded in a back room with just us and a pool table. Would I let the man of the house take me hard and without protection? Just when things were getting good, we were caught! And the only way around it was to let his friends in on the fun , letting everyone get their fair share of what I was offering that had never been offered to anyone before.

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