2 Books by Aurora Hanson (.ePUB)

2 Books by Aurora Hanson (.ePUB)

2 Books by Aurora Hanson
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Overview: Aurora Hanson was born in North Dakota where she spent her early years until she moved to San Antonio, where she currently lives. She has been writing since she was a teenager, but only recently decided to break out of the shell and release her work to the public.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


A Soul Bonding Moment – Julie Brandt has found out the hard way that being rich does not guarantee happiness. On the contrary, wealth comes with huge expectations, especially since her father happens to be the richest rancher in the area. Julie dreams to fall in love one day, but her father insists on her finding a financially equal match. She feels trapped and everything will get even worse when a terrible accident occurs; one that almost takes her life. This proves to be a nightmare and a blessing at the same time, as she meets Alex, the doctor who will change her life forever. Will she manage to recover or is she doomed to a miserable life? Could she find common ground with her father or her fate has already been determined?
Alex Holden’s dream has always been to become a doctor. When his mentor dies, he sets out to make a name for himself in Texas. Finding a job has been challenging until an ad for a private physician will get him on Julie’s track. His duties seem simple enough at first, but soon, Alex will find himself tangled up in much more than he bargained for. Will he stay focused on his dream or will he let his feelings carry him away? When he realizes that his own life may be in danger will he choose to stay close to his loved one over his safety?
Alex and Julie’s relationship turns out to be something much more intense than they could ever expect. Alex tries his best to heal her and secure her well being but there are too many hurdles keeping him behind. Some suspicious behaviors will make him doublethink her accident and will push him to examine what truly happened. He needs to protect her no matter what, however, what seems to be the answer he is looking for is actually a misleading plan to drag him away from the truth. Finding the culprit proves to be harder than Alex imagined. Who can he really trust? As Alex races against time to find out who would want to hurt Julie, the two begin to fall for each other badly. Will they be able to overcome the hardships that lie ahead?

A Gracious Love to Redefine Her -May has lived with her protective brother Charlie since her parent’s passing. When her brother is betrayed by the young woman he’s courting, he decides to leave their hometown and his broken heart behind. At first, May is skeptical about the move, but when she meets a handsome stranger, she feels much more confident about this unexpected change in their lives. But as she becomes smitten with him, will she be able to keep herself from harm when danger lurks?
Wesley and his brother have always been loners and there is a good reason for that; Wesley’s brother has gotten on the wrong side of the law more than once. Nevertheless, Wesley has finally managed to settle down with his own blacksmith shop in a new town. When he helps a beautiful young woman in trouble, he never could have imagined the change she would bring to his life. Will his dangerous secrets jeopardize their budding relationship, costing him his only chance of true love?
When an enemy from the past surfaces and targets Charlie and May, second thoughts will overwhelm and frighten her. Wesley has to make a choice between family and love while May will find herself tangled in between. Will May and Wesley be able to make the life-changing choices they need to in order to keep each other safe? Could they dream of a life together beyond any doubt?

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