2 Books by Aria Norton (.ePUB)

2 Books by Aria Norton (.ePUB)

2 Books by Aria Norton
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Overview: Aria Norton grew up in Sussex, England. She left abroad for studies but returned after she got married to her husband, and they currently live with their two wonderful children.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


A Love Song for the Duke – Sophia Cluett’s great passion for music adds a bit of light to growing up without a mother, the sickness that plagues her younger sister and her father’s poorly performing business. Her talent and great prospect of becoming a successful musician are about to go to waste though when her father decides to marry her off to someone she despises to financially secure the family. Sophia feels trapped in an undesirable future, until she meets the handsome Duke of Berkshire by chance and under the false identity of a high society member. Apart from making her heart flutter, could he also be the solution to all her problems?
Guy Bastable, the Duke of Berkshire, has mourned for a long time. Nothing can soothe his passion for revenge on the man who left his sister to die. At least that’s the case until he saves a young woman from a collision and realizes that there’s something more to live for; an extraordinary lady that is nothing like any other woman he’s met before. The more time he spends with the charming Sophia, the more his vengeance and pain give place to other, deeper feelings. Could she be the salvation he has been looking for?
Sophia’s and Guy’s growing love might be undeniable, but it’s also based on a tale of lies that Sophia will struggle to free herself from. Through their connection, Sophia will discover the greatest truth of all in the midst of her lies, but nothing guarantees that her feelings will be believed. This time it’s not her future or financial security she is worried about losing, but something much more important. Will love manage to overcome the reckless lies and the class barriers or is this romance doomed right from its dishonest start?

Dancing into the Arms of Destiny – Ellie had always been an obedient young woman. While bright and charismatic, pursuing a suitable match had always been her last priority. Ellie had no doubt that she would be stuck in a loveless marriage, as no man ever caught her eye. The doubt only deepens with her father’s pressuring wish to forbid her younger sister to debut before Ellie gets married. Ellie does not want to keep her sister from happiness, so an unexpected ball reunion with a childhood acquaintance seems to be the perfect opportunity to settle with a man she feels comfortable with. Nevertheless, Ellie’s expectations about love are about to rapidly change and she is in for the biggest revelation of her life…
Alexander was not expecting anything extraordinary to happen to him when he walked into a ball after many years being away from home. Despite not having seen Ellie in years, he is immediately struck by her presence and swept away by her charming looks and personality. Ellie’s suggestion of marrying straight away is already worrying enough, but it is love that Alexander fears even more than a hasty wedding. Haunted by his parents’ love that quickly turned into hatred, he has sworn off marrying for love. However, all it takes is one look into Ellie’s eyes and a captivating dance to warn him about the danger of falling deeply in love with her. Will Alexander manage to set his own prejudice aside and give love the chance it deserves?
As hard as they both try to fight their feelings, soon neither of them can deny how scarily fast they are falling in love with every passing minute. The depth of their unexpected feelings frightens Ellie, while it makes Alexander want to bring everything to a halt, even at the expense of ripping his own heart out. After an unexpected twist of faith though, Ellie’s hand is pursued by another man and Alexander knows that time is running out and he has to make a choice. Will he walk away forever or will he try to write his own story from scratch ignoring his family’s past? Will Ellie and Alexander surrender to their fear by distancing themselves or will their love be too overpowering to walk away from?

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