2 books by Andy Reinold (.ePUB)+

2 books by Andy Reinold (.ePUB)+

2 books by Andy Reinold
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Overview: About Andy Reinold
Yes, my name is Andy and no, I’m not a guy :)
My husband and our amazing life together has been and will continue to be my inspiration for all of my stories and books that I write and ultimately publish. We live a fulfilling life full of adventure and new experiences which typically play a large part in each and every story that is told! Most of the stories I write include an element of reality that I have personally experienced as well as some of my fantasies!
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Bored Housewife: A BBC Gangbang Cuckold Story
Our relationship was the envy of almost everybody we knew, what they could not see however, was that while our marriage by all accounts was amazing, our life in the bedroom was lackluster. Tim only had a four and a half inch cock and quite frankly, I was craving more. Tim suggested we go to the Red Door Club and that is where the story begins. By the end of the night, Michael and Ben have their way with me in the Cuckold room as my husband watches on. These well endowed black men open my eyes to an entire new world of pleasure and lust!

Las Vegas Big Black Cock Cuckold Adventure
My husband and I recently went to Las Vegas to get away from the stress of work and day to day life. We could have never imagined what would happen as we sat down at the that Blackjack table that first night as Ross, the professional football player soon joined us at the table. This book has a great build up and detailed descriptions of our Las Vegas get away!

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Bored Housewife: A BBC Gangbang Cuckold Story
Las Vegas Big Black Cock Cuckold Adventure


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