2 books by Amy Yao (.ePUB)+

2 books by Amy Yao (.ePUB)+

2 books by Amy Yao
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Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Red Collars
The girls of Thorton are about to be enslaved. Women who don’t have sponsors will be collared and punished. Those who surrender will need to yield in other ways. Beautiful girls will be particularly prized. Sure, they can try to argue or resist, but the Female Humility Act is clear and explicit. The girls in this city don’t get any rights. They’re going to be owned and tamed…one way or another, and this is just the beginning.
This ebook features male domination, female humiliation, extensive submission, electroshock punishments, female chastity chaining, and more.

What Can She Take?
Desire. Need. What can those sensations due to a girl? Claire might think that she has a strong-will, yet she has no idea. She doesn’t actually understand her body’s capabilities. Because really, Claire’s been really lucky. As a beautiful young woman, she’s been able to get whatever she wants. She has never really failed or been rejected by a guy. So when an infuriating man offers her a dare, she thinks she can win easily. Nope.
Claire has no idea what chastity can really do to a girl like her. But soon enough, she is locked up, and access to her most sensitive spot has been revoked. Worse, her keyholder knows exactly how to torment her. He teases Claire, kissing and arousing her. He drives her wild, only to keep her from the delicious relief she so desperately yearns for. Poor girl.
The wager was only supposed to last a few days, but Claire can’t take it, and now Anthony has decided he wants to keep her this way. More than that, he’s ready to enslave her, training this formerly aggressive, arrogant girl as a subservient plaything. From now on, if she wants to shorten her chastity length, and she had better do whatever this man says…
Little by little, Claire will come to realize that there’s no escape, not for her. If she wants an orgasm, she had better obey.

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Red Collars
What Can She Take?


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