2 books by Amy Joe Woods (.ePUB)+

2 books by Amy Joe Woods (.ePUB)+

2 books by Amy Joe Woods
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Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Junior in my Bed!
Sherry adopted John when he was one year old, now he is 24, finished college and found a great job in her area. He moves back in with her while he is searching for an apartment. However, John is interested in more of what she has to offer than just the living arrangement. He pushes and bullies Sherry until he gets what he wants. Sherry knows her feelings for John are forbidden, but she loves him so much. She knows he loves her, and he promises to care for her. She knows, John is a lot more skilled in bed than her.
How long can Sherry resist him?
The Lineman likes them older
Liz lives alone; her family had left her months earlier. She has decided she is not interested in a man, however she is immediately impressed by Erik and can not help but watch him.
Erik is a lineman at the local college football team. Liz has hired him to help her with chores that require heavy lifting. Will Liz fall for Erik’s charm and god-like body?

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Junior in my Bed!
The Lineman likes them older


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