2 books by A.M. Szora (.ePUB)+

2 books by A.M. Szora (.ePUB)+

2 books by A.M. Szora
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Overview:About A.M. Szora
Just a nomadic woman with a love of storytelling and the written word. Specifically enjoys being either freaked out or turned on, maybe even both at the same time if lucky. Currently located in the Pacific Northwest with a magical grey cat who demands way too much attention.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Black Threads
Angela is a single female, living alone in a small cottage behind an old victorian. One night, while coming in from her nightly walk, she finds a single piece of black thread. Thinking nothing, she tosses it into the trash. That is, until the threads come back. She finds them everywhere. Wrapped around her wrists, on her stomach, under couch cushions. She doesn’t know where they are coming from, or why she keeps finding them. It doesn’t matter how many she burns, or throws away, or tosses out of her car window. More appear to replace the ones she throws out. Until one day, it all stops.
This is an erotic short story, roughly 10k words in length. All characters depicted are consenting adults, one male and one female. This story contains themes involving light bondage and sexual content that some may find disturbing.

“I am going to find you.”
Those were the last words she had uttered to Tobias. Jessica Ridley had been her name. Even now, miles away from the town he had fled, her words still floated in and out of his awareness. Tobias was not one prone to superstition. He very rarely felt fear, or anything close to it. Now, he is starting to see her everywhere.
Soon, Tobias will know the true name of the Reaper.

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Black Threads by A.M. Szora


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