12 Books by Bianca Vix (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

12 Books by Bianca Vix (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

12 Books by Bianca Vix
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Overview: Bianca Vix like to read and write MMF. Her first collection of short stories was published in November 2013
Genre: Erotic Romance


After Hours – Office romances can be tricky, but two hot men can mean double the fun!
Ever since Jen started her new job, she’s been dreaming about her sexy coworker Kade. He’s a distraction during the day, and fuel for her after hours fantasies. She’s been burned by an office romance before, so this time Kade’s going to stay a fantasy only.
But when Kade confesses his feelings for her, Jen can’t resist him. He’s not exactly what he seems to be, and when he leaves her behind, she tries to move on quickly. Sexy Dex seems like a stable, upfront guy, but it turns out there’s also more to him than meets the eye.
Jen’s world gets shaken up in ways she couldn’t have imagined when Dex confesses something to her that no-one else knows about. He wants to help her get over her fears of having her heart broken again, but now she doesn’t know who she can really trust.
This is a short, standalone mmf bisexual romance without a cliffhanger, previously published as a shorter story.

Big League – Cracks in the ice can be dangerous. Especially when the ice is around your heart.
Out on the ice, Miles is the Master. He plays to win. When it comes to protecting his heart, he’s just as fierce.
Hockey is his whole life, and he won’t let anything get in the way of taking the Chicago Stormers all the way to the playoffs and beyond. Nothing is going to distract him from achieving his ultimate goal. He doesn’t do relationships. People always leave you in the end, so what’s the point? Love is just pain, and it’s not worth it.
Reid wants his girlfriend back. Okay, she’s his ex-girlfriend right now, but he never should have let her go. She’s moving on, though, and the man she’s with now is not at all who he expected. Reid’s ready to fight for her, but Miles just might be the one to offer Reid something he never believed he would find.
Claire never though it would be so hard to find a man who could commit to her and her alone. She’s found a hot hockey player to help her get over her ex. When Reid comes back into her life, she doesn’t know what to do. He and her current guy have the kind of history together that she never expected. When the three of them find themselves in one room together, everything comes to a head. The heat between them is enough to start a fire, and sparks fly hard and fast.
After their scorching threesome, Claire’s ready to open her heart to both men. But it’s not that easy when the past threatens to destroy the future.

Our Crush – Long, hot summer nights are the best. The beaches. The parties. The threesomes…
I love my boyfriend Aiden. I’ve always liked my summer job as a lifeguard, but these days I’m loving it too. All thanks to Max, the newest and hottest addition to our team. He’s the new star in my fantasies. And Aiden’s.
Aiden’s curiosity about man sex turns me on. We both have a lot of fun imagining what he could do with Max if we had him in our bed.
A weekend at a friend’s place might give us the chance we want with our crush.

Power Surge – Melissa
Rob is the last thing I need in my life. Same with James. But I can’t help what I want.
This isn’t how my career is supposed to be starting out. I can’t get distracted. Not even by two of the hottest men I’ve ever seen IRL. One’s a man whore. One’s married to his work. Oh, and they’re both my bosses. There’s no chance anything good can happen with either one of them.
Failure is not an option for me. Not in business.
Relationships might just be a different story. But who cares? I’ve made a hell of a lot of money and I’m about to get set up for life.
Rob is the most frustrating man I’ve ever known. It didn’t used to be like this. We’ve been friends forever, and business partners since before we became successful. Lately he bugs the hell out of me, ever since we set our sights on the same woman. Melissa works for us so she’s way off-limits to me. Just like Rob is.
My life is just the way I want it. Sex and money. James thinks I only care about whoring around, but that’s not true. Our company is very important to me too. Just because I can have anything—or anyone—that I want, doesn’t mean I don’t work hard. Besides, there’s a couple people I want that I can’t have. Having them could blow everything up. And I can’t risk that.

Rock Hard – Rock hard. Love harder.
I always knew Jett and I would be together forever. But forever didn’t last as long as I thought it would.
It doesn’t matter. My career is finally taking off and I don’t need him any more. Especially not since he’s turned into a rock star that I don’t even recognize as the man I used to love. I want someone I can trust to be by my side. That’s not Jett. Not anymore.
I couldn’t be happier. I love to play hard and party harder. It’s the best lifestyle there is. I’ve got everything I’ve ever wanted.
Except for Shayla. I still think about her, no matter where I am or what I’m doing. I don’t know why she’s always on my mind. She walked out on me. I don’t want her back.
There’s someone new I’m into anyway. I can’t have him, but whatever. Getting involved with Dylan is way beyond a bad idea. No-one knows I used to fuck guys. It’s easy to keep it that way, since I don’t do that. Not anymore. It’s a rule I won’t break. Not even for a guy as hot as he is.
Music is my life. But I’m no player. I work behind the scenes. I don’t fuck around on the job. Haven’t ever really wanted to. Not until I went on tour with Tailspin. Now I have to see their insanely hot guitarist every single night. And watch a steady stream of women all trying to be the one he chooses for the night. As much as I want Jett, he’s way off-limits for me. I miss being in love. But the kind of relationship I need is impossible to find. Especially with someone like him.

Snow Bound – Linc
I’m all about work. Always have been, and even more so since my last relationship ended. I don’t mind being single. Not at all. I get what I need when I need it. And there’s never a shortage of hotties who will give me what I want on any weekend I choose to go out looking. The rest of my time is my own. I like it that way.But I’ll do anything to get ahead. Even go on a three week long team building retreat, way the hell out in the middle of nowhere. In winter. Being organized by a woman I can’t stand.
Why is true love so hard to find? I know I should be totally focused on my brand new career, and I have been. But surely there’s someone out there who’s a perfect match for me. I want so much for it to be Jase, but he’s living with another man. Yes, the most perfect guy in the world is gay.
Just my luck.
I’m doing pretty well on my own. But I’m ready to settle down. So I’d be happier with a woman in my life. Or a man. Or both. I’d put the chances of that happening at around zero. Maybe less than zero. I’m so used to hiding who I really am. I’m getting tired of it. Mykayla’s someone I could see myself settling down with. Having a regular life. But I don’t know if I can be with just one person. No matter how great she is.

Off Limits – A sexy doctor. A hot hockey player. And the woman they both want.
My career is important to me. I have goals, and I’m going to see them through. Once I make a name for myself, I’m going to be the one running the show. Nothing’s going to stop me from setting up my own medical clinic with the best of the best working for me. This is what I need to do.I didn’t invest so much in becoming a doctor just to get distracted by anyone. Especially a woman who’s off limits to me. Or a man.
I’m not out there dating these days. Between school and my job, there’s just not enough time to be looking for love. But working with an incredibly hot doctor is starting to make me miss being with a man. It’s getting a lot harder to focus on what I should be doing.Especially when the lines between work and fun start to blur.
Hockey star. Man whore. I’ve been called all that and everything in between, ever since I rocketed into fame. Not everything you read about me is true. But a lot of it is. I enjoy being a star. The fringe benefits are great and I take advantage of them after every game. I have my choice of women and I rarely say no.Except now. I’ve met someone I want to be with for a lot longer than one night. But when a friend from college comes back into my life and wants to pick up where he and I left off, I can’t resist.

Break Free – When luck brings Rachel into the lives of two best friends, they all find out what they didn’t know they were missing.
Jayden Stevens
I’m not looking for love. Who needs it? I’m very wealthy, but I want more. More success. More triumphs. It’s not like I’m missing anything. I’m simply driven to be the very best at what I do. I’ve got a great business, and a best friend who’s always there for me. It’s all working just fine. There’s no need to change anything up.Until one afternoon when I’m at my second home, the coffee shop just down from my office. A sexy stranger invites herself over to sit at my table. And changes my entire life.She needs a fake boyfriend. For some reason, I want to play along. Once the act is over, I don’t want to let her go.
Rachel Corder
I dodged a real bullet with my ex. Since we broke up, I’m spending more time job-hunting than looking for love. Which is fine by me. I don’t need a man. What I need right now is a great job. But when two hot guys suddenly land in my life, I want to open up to the possibility of finding love again. The only problem is that I don’t have a clue how I can choose between them.
Matt Dalton
Everything’s running smoothly in my life. Almost everything. There’s one big part that’s missing, but I’ve kept that secret for years. Finding love has been on my mind lately. I’ve always been happy, but now that everyone around me is coupling up, I’m starting to believe I should do the same thing. It’s not just that, of course. I’m getting tired of strings of dates that never end up going anywhere. I need something more. I want to settle down. If only I could get over the crush I have on my best friend. He’s the one man who will never love me like I want him to.

Wild Ride– Ady
I need to get to Vegas in time for a work convention. Driving across the country wasn’t in my plans but when my hot boss invites me to come along with him, I can’t say no. I’ve been crushing on Mr. Jacobs ever since we first met, and now’s my chance to show him that we’d make a great couple. I can’t believe my good luck. Right up until Darryl joins us. My irritating coworker is the very last person I want to be forced to spend time with.
Nothing’s going to stop me from building a great career. Spending time with my boss outside of the office is the best way to do that. The last thing I need is to have any competition for his time. Especially not in the form of a coworker I don’t much like.
But I’ll do anything to get ahead. Even go on a road trip from New York to Vegas. With her right along in the car too.
Starting a great business has always been the most important thing in the world to me. Now that I’ve succeeded and my company’s flourishing, I’m starting to feel restless. I’ve been wanting Ady for awhile now, but the timing’s never been right. Now it is. She’s someone I could see myself being with.
But then there’s Darryl. No matter how hard I try, I can’t get him out of my mind.

Chasing Love – How far would you chase love?
Second chances don’t come along every day. Especially not in Chasing Ridge.
I had zero reason to ever go back to my hometown.
When my whole life changes in a New York minute, I have no other choice.
All I expected to do was to count the seconds until I could get back to Manhattan.
I never thought I’d run into my first true love. Or my best friend, who asks me out for the first time ever.
I don’t want to choose between them, or the city that’s become my favorite place in the world.
But I have to.
Don’t I?

My Three Bosses – Dating your boss is never a good idea. Especially when you have more than one.
I desperately need a job.
Things are looking up on that front when I meet a very handsome man who urgently needs an executive assistant. I also want to find a new guy who will help mend my broken heart. Maybe Jaylen Davenport can do both. But I’m not going to be working just for him. Jay’s got two other hot partners in the firm he works very closely with. When I finds out that Corey, Shawn and Jay are all partners in the bedroom too, I’m in heaven. Until life outside of the foursome breaks in and threatens to break us up. It shouldn’t matter anyway. I can’t keep seeing them all.
Relationships don’t work that way.

My Three Crushes – Sometimes it takes getting lost to find what you really need.
Getting stuck in the snow might be the best thing that ever happened to me.
Especially when I end up sharing same bed as the three hot men I find tucked away from the rest of the world in their cabin. They aren’t what I expected. And they certainly weren’t expecting to have me crash into their own private world.
It’s just a few days in a fun fantasyland that I couldn’t ever have imagined. Nothing more can come from it. Our lives are just too different. They’re small town guys. I live in Manhattan.
And even if it was an option, there’s no way I could choose between all three. I want them all.
How crazy is that?

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