11 Books by Stephanie Brother (.ePUB)

11 Books by Stephanie Brother (.ePUB)

11 Books by Stephanie Brother
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Overview: Stephanie writes scintillating stories with step-siblings as their main romantic focus. She’s always been curious about the forbidden, and this is her way of exploring such complex relationships that threaten to keep her couples apart.
Genre: Romance


The Quarterback’s Baby – I had to break his heart so he’d realize his dream.
Before Noah became a superstar quarterback, he was my best friend and the love of my life. College sweethearts, true soulmates, I knew we’d be together forever. Maybe that’s why our carelessness didn’t seem like such a big deal. Love isn’t supposed to hurt, so when Noah started to fail because of me, walking away was the only option. It felt like the right thing to do.A year later, I have to face him at his sister’s wedding and he’ll find out the truth. He used to love me. That’s got to count for something, right? The problem is, I didn’t just break his heart.I kept something from him so huge that I didn’t know if he would ever forgive me. I just knew that I had a lot of making up to do. In and out of the bedroom.

Taste – He will strategically destroy my innocence…
I can’t believe I was duped into spending the Christmas holidays with my stepbrother. I never wanted to see him again. Not after he humiliated me two years ago. Before we became step-siblings, I was foolish enough to fall for his pretense of having feelings for me, which I, too, had for him. But it all turned out to be a cruel joke, leaving me emotionally scarred. I have hated him ever since. Now our parents are married and I find out that we will be spending an entire week together. I will simply pretend that he doesn’t exist. But one look at him and I know that I am in trouble. His rugged good looks still invokes the same desire in me; nothing has changed after two years. To my horror he has set his wicked sight upon me and is determined to corrupt me in every sexual way possible. I try to resist his carnal ways. I know a relationship like this with my stepbrother is inappropriate, but my body wants a taste. Maybe the things he wants to do to me are not so horrifying after all. I just might like committing acts of sin with him…

The Quarterback’s Love Child – Carl
Every day I would see her at school. She used to be thin, not have any curves. And then one summer, her breasts made Playboy models appear flat-chested. I couldn’t get her off my mind. I kept thinking about taking her in so many nasty ways in class, in the yard and even in church. I went to confession, thinking that maybe it would help get rid of these desires. But it just made me want her even more. She told me that I could visit her whilst everyone was at choir practice. I went along, thinking that we could make some sweet harmony with our bodies while no one was at home. We did and I soon forgot about football as I snuck into her house every Thursday night.
The quarterback, the one that was going to leave our small town behind. Looked at me. Talked to me. And then, he touched me. No kid in school wanted to talk to me, they were too scared about what could happen next. He didn’t care, he wanted me. I knew that if we got caught, if they found out the truth, that I would pay the price. I had been done once before and I didn’t care. Being with Carl was too special to me. He wanted to cool it off, for a while.Then we got caught and I was told that I was going to Hell. People think that it’s some place that you go to once you die. Not in my house. It was real. They made one for whenever I was bad. They had the Bible waiting and I was scared. I needed Carl to rescue me, before it was too late. I was scared that I would go insane like I nearly did once before.

Swollen – Something Worth Fighting For.
I’m not the kind of girl that usually goes home with strange men, but Liam Dougherty isn’t the kind of man you can easily refuse, either. Not only that, he saves me from something even more dangerous, and then gives me a night of passion that easily makes up for it. A night that has consequences neither of us can ever imagine. When I see him again, almost an entire year later, just the thought of that night enough to catch my breath in my throat, our daughter Maggie is already two months old. I’m not the only one with a secret, however, when Liam reveals his past and proves just how dangerous he can really be. An illegal, bare-fist boxer with a debt to pay, Liam’s life makes mine look like a walk in the park.
I know I should do everything I can to stay away from him, but something about him makes me keep coming back.
Secret or not, when Liam sets his eyes on me again, he makes it clear that nothing is going to get in his way of making sure I’m his. Above everything else, he knows how to win, and right now he has something worth fighting for.
There’s not much good I’ve done in this world, but when I see Jasmine getting hassled by three men in a neighborhood she shouldn’t be walking home alone in, I figure it’s my opportunity to set things right. If there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s fight for my own survival, so when Jasmine gets mixed up in my world by chance, I have to make sure I protect her too. It’s been almost a year since I tried to keep her away from me the first time, and now she’s back, I want her more than ever. I’ll do anything to win her over because I’ve never met anyone that gives me a better reason to fight. Jasmine and I have a connection, and I can’t ignore it anymore. I’m dangerous, but she knows it. I’m bad for her, but I can’t stay away. She says she has a secret, but whatever it is, it won’t be enough to stop me. Finally, after everything else I’ve gone through, after running and hiding, and just plain surviving, finally I feel like I’ve got something worth fighting for.

Magic Fingers – Liam has magic in his fingers…
I went for a massage to relax, but when the masseuse looks like a god and can do that with his fingers…well, lets just say relaxing wasn’t top of mind. The way his hands glided over my sore muscles made my insides squirm and melt, turning the heat between my legs into a raging forest fire.
And I certainly didn’t expect what happened in the sauna minutes later.
I thought we’d never see each other again and I could keep the amazing s*xual encounter chronicled on my never-forget-list, but that thought ended at dinner with my mom’s new boyfriend and his son, Mr. Magic Fingers.
The magic didn’t end at his fingers either. Muscular forearms, broad shoulders and a chest to die for. And that wasn’t all. Mr. Magic Fingers has a magic tongue and I love a man who knows how to work an innuendo.
I thought staring into his smoldering blue eyes was torture enough, then our parents informed us of the ‘family’ weekend getaway plans to the Satterwhite’s winter home in Vail.
Something tells me I’m in for it, and I can’t even pretend that’s not the most amazing prospect. As soon as I get another chance to be alone with Liam, I’ll be telling him to put his magic fingers to work!

Obsession – The only thing better than meeting the man of your dreams is finding out he comes in plural.
When Logan hands me his number in a crowded bar and then disappears back into the shadows like a superhero, I feel like I’ve finally met my match.
He’s not only charismatic, mysterious and mind-blowingly sexy – which would be enough already on its own – he’s also a real life alpha, which makes him absolutely perfect in every way for me.
I’m so spellbound by Logan, I’m convinced his perfection can’t be improved upon, right up until I meet his identical twin brother, Jack, and my mind gets blown for real.
I can’t believe that not only do these two people exist, not only do they both seem perfect for me in completely different ways, not only do they seem to want me as much as I do them, they are also just as happy to share.
I’ve spent so many years fantasizing about this kind of thing I’ve lost count, and now that it’s here, I can hardly believe my luck.
That’s right before my mom drops a bombshell, of course, and fate stabs me in the ass with his sharpened sword. Logan and Jack are perfect in every single way but one. They’re about to become my stepbrothers.

GRIND – “Hot as sin, with moves more liquid than the fruity cocktail in my hand. This guy has some serious skill.
Now I want to show him just how skilled I am at the pole.”
Gabrielle De Leon’s tired of playing by the rules—especially when it leads to finding her fiancé is cheating on her. It’s the last straw and all she wants to do is leave her worries behind, one practically-naked dancing man at a time.
What should have been a fun night out with her friends, turns into something better when she meets Jacob, the hottest man under the bright lights of the stage. Gabi knows there’s much more going on under Jacob’s deliciously sexy surface, but if her father has his way, she’ll never get to find out. Paging Doctor Love!
Jacob Adler knows what women see when they watch him grinding on the stage. His tanned, rock hard abs, and the tiny bit of fabric that does nothing to conceal his large-and-in-charge package.
But he’s got bigger dreams than any of that, and he’s so close to being called Dr. Adler, that he can taste it. He doesn’t need that romance and fate mumbo-jumbo when he has scientific fact on his side.
At least that’s what he thinks until he runs into Gabi, wild child of the famous high-society De Leons, and only daughter of the current mayor. His mind tells him to keep away from her, but his heart only pulls him closer until there’s nothing left between them…until they’ve both been stripped down.

Forbidden – Elijah´s the prankster at college. I should have known better, when we were a match on the college dating app, that something had to be wrong.
He’s cocky.
I’m not.
He’s popular.
I’m invisible.
But things quickly go wrong when I discover that the guy I’ve been matched up with ends up being my stepbrother.
Now, there are three problems; he’s forbidden, my one temptation and I’m carrying his baby.

IGNITE – Who is the man behind the mask?
I mask the real me, buried deep under the dark secrets in my past. I pretend that nothing touches me.I pretend I don’t need anything or anyone.Then Analie Taylor kisses me and my façade begins to crack. I want her gentle touch and honest words. I need her to ignite the flame of the me I left behind so long ago. But letting her see behind the mask is not an option because how could she ever forgive what I did when I can’t even forgive myself.
When I meet Robert Harrington at a masked charity ball, I think I know exactly who he is. Charismatic, good looking, and funny, he’s everything I want in a man. For a while, it’s perfect, then he lifts my mask to kiss me and everything falls apart.I think that I was wrong to like him, but I know he’s concealing something; I know because I have scars of my own. It’s not until tragedy strikes that I find out the truth about Robert Harrington, but it is too late for us both?

Corporate Assets – My plan was simple – until I learn my dad is engaged to my fiancée’s mom — and now they want a double wedding.
Case needs a wife.
Sage needs a paycheck.
What they don’t need is the drama headed their way.
I’ve got big plans to take over my father’s company, but to look the part, I need a strong woman by my side.
Sage is everything I’ve ever desired, but there’s one problem. Actually, there are two.
Problem #1: She’s determined to keep it professional — and won’t take me seriously.
Problem #2: Her mother is marrying my father — and they’re so in love with the idea of us, the guilt is ripping her apart.
I’ve Got a Few Ideas, but Can I Convince Sage to See How Serious I Am About Marrying Her?

Mr. OMG – Mr. OMG lives up to his name in more ways than one…
The Big O has always been a big flop for me until I hear Mr. OMG on the radio. Let’s just say his dulcet tones and my finger make enough magic together that I see stars. For the first time ever!I call his show and ask for advice on my failing love life, and he tells me I need to loosen up and have some fun.
That’s easier said than done until I meet Cole.
I tell myself he’s just an arrogant frat boy — a smug trust fund baby with a bad attitude and way too much sex appeal. But there’s something about him that I just can’t ignore.
I could loosen up all over his face in a heartbeat, but hell, I need Cole-sized trouble like I need a hole in the head. And when my mom tells me he’s going to be my stepbrother, it’s just another reason to say no.
But when Cole touches me, I’m calling out OMG for all the right reasons. And when he holds me, I feel like we could be made for each other.Except I know that it’s wrong. We’re going to be related, and Cole has secrets that are far too big for us to ever get over.
I need to protect my heart the way I always have, and I try, but it seems that Mr. OMG has other plans for me…and I might not be able to resist.

What would you do if all of your sexual fantasies could be multiplied by two? Good-looking alpha twins, Rick and Brock Rodgers, former football champions for the Wildcats, end up in Sisters of Mercy Hospital and it’s driving me crazy!
Rick is one of our instructors, and Brock is in my residency group. Through it all, I imagine having not just one, but both twins ‘play doctor.’ It’s a medical examination that I’d be happy to schedule if it weren’t for the secret that prevents me from living out my fantasies with these two gorgeous men! When Rick is thrust into the spotlight, we are ripped apart, flung to the far sides of the globe!
Will we ever all be together again? How can I ever accept that my heart wants just what the doctor ordered – times two?

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