11 Books by Brenda Ford (.ePUB)

11 Books by Brenda Ford (.ePUB)

11 Books by Brenda Ford
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Overview: Brenda Ford is a romance author who loves to write steamy romance that will give you a fresh spice in your love life.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


Dirty Daddy – What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas
After one weekend in Vegas, nothing will ever be the same again.
I am going to take her and make her mine – forever!
There’s just one problem – she’s my best friend’s daughter.
Emily grew up in front of me,
And it’s so wrong of me to think of her ‘that’ way.
The sweet teenager has grown into a woman now,
And no matter how hard I try, I can’t resist her.
I’ve a plan
Take her to Vegas
Give her a taste of how I can make her feel…
And after I’ve finished
I know that she’ll be begging for more
I want her to be my submissive
I want her to be mine.
But this could break something so dear to me.
It’s a risk that I’m willing to take,
For the only girl that I need on her knees begging me take her.
Emily baby, Daddy’s coming for you, and this time there’s no turning back.

Securing Willow– Willow
I would never ever fall for Luke’s deep blue eyes and that chiselled face
The tattoos on his chest will soon be covered in blood.
Willow wants me dead
She thinks I pulled the trigger on her boyfriend
And now I have to pay
I am a Navy SEAL
Tough situations never scare me
But this one’s more complicated
Her life is on the line
And I need to secure her & keep her safe
But I’m fighting against time
Can I win her heart before she pulls the trigger on me?

Catch-22 – I’m a single dad who hates commitment.
After making the mistake of sleeping with my daughter’s teacher,
I realized that I’m better off staying single.
Because I’m in serious trouble.
I have a dark past and my secrets need to remain buried.
My ex’s parents are using them to blackmail me.
They want to take my daughter away for good.
I thought my little girl was the only person I could ever love.
But now that I can’t seem to get that cute teacher out of my head,
I wonder if there’s still some hope left for me.
I can almost see a future with her.
But will I be able to keep her and my daughter safe?
I will.
Or I’ll die trying.

So Wrong, So Right – My father’s death brought me closer to the enemy.
The woman I never thought I’d even like… let alone love.
My step-sister.
She’s off-limits.
This is filthy.
I need to suppress all thoughts about her.
I tried telling myself all those things.
Nothing worked.
I couldn’t deny that I want Rue.
My step-mother was after the family fortune.
But she’s different.
Her blue eyes and those cute freckles have me dying for her.
This is about to get hot, crazy, and a whole lot messier.
Especially when I discover her… little secret.

Never Without You – My fake girlfriend has turned into a real nightmare.
Kelly and I are completely incompatible.
We don’t even like each other.
The plan was simple.
Hire her as my fake girlfriend, and get a bunny boiling stalker off my back.
But her charm got to me.
I’m obsessed with running my fingers over her soft skin.
Her dark brown eyes beg for me to take her.
The lines have gotten blurry, and it’s no longer fake.
But you know what else is real?
Her secrets.
Turns out, I don’t know her at all.
Can we survive this storm of lies and danger?
Or will this relationship never see the light of day?

That First Meeting – I need to save her from a gruesome murder.
A killer is on the loose and I’m the only one who can catch him.
Ella’s life is in danger.
She’s the most beautiful thing that’s happened to me this Christmas.
Being a cop in this small town isn’t easy anymore.
And not being able to solve this murder will destroy everything.
Including my career.
But Ella’s safety is my only priority.
Will I be able to protect her?
I will.
Or I’ll die trying.

Intoxicated – She’s my PA.
It’s so wrong to think of her that way.
But Sara doesn’t make it easy.
With her proactive dresses and her come to bed eyes…
I’m not sure if I can resist her any longer.
I’ve never in my life given into a woman the way I want to give into her.
It’s simply impossible to escape from her, even if I wanted to.
And finally, I caved into my cravings.
But soon she walked away.
And when I learn she’s carrying my baby…
I’ll do anything to bring back my family.
Even if it means following her everywhere.

Who said it is love?
Nothing compares meeting up with your best friend after so many years,
But our meeting was ruined by his ex.
Ben was trapped.
His ex was serious trouble.
So, I offered to help.
A fake fiancé arrangement didn’t seem too bad.
But soon, the boundaries start to get blurred and the feelings that were supposed to be fake…become real.
The way he looked at me…
The way he inhaled me…
The way he touched me…
It was the kinda love I’d always wanted.
And when I thought our life was getting in order…
His ex is back again.
Claiming to be pregnant with his child!
Oh God, what I’ve gotten myself into?

Tempted – She was my world.
I wanted to give her everything…
But things changed in a heartbeat.
I went off the rails and made some bad mistakes,
Crime, Gang, and Bikes became my new world.
I made the worst possible version of myself.
And now, years later I see her again.
She is more beautiful than ever before.
She is bringing that desire out of me once more,
To be that good guy she once fell in love with.
And, I am tempted to be with her again.
The only problem – it isn’t always easy to leave a bad life behind.
Do you think she would give me a second chance now?

Blind Date – I have everything that I could ever want in life, all the money in the world, everything I have ever desired, and women throwing themselves at me. I deserve it as well because I have worked hard to get to the top.
There is only one thing that I can’t seem to make work for me and that is real love. I can’t ever seem to make anything last, which is why a charity blind date doesn’t seem like the worst idea in the world…
Until I realize who my date is. My business rival and enemy. She is as hot as she is ruthless so there is no way this can end well…

Addicted – Traveling the country has always been a dream of mine. Just me and the open road, complete freedom to do what I want, when I want. It might not be the lifestyle that most people choose, but it sure as hell feels right for me. I don’t think anything can derail it…
At least, not until I see her.
I can’t ignore Kayla and her smoking car on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, even if I do have places that I want to go. What sort of gentleman would that make me? But an offer to fix her car soon becomes an offer to give her a ride… and that ride leads to experiences that I never thought I would find on this road trip.
Could the damsel in distress really be my match?

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