10 Books by Stephanie Brother (.ePUB)

10 Books by Stephanie Brother (.ePUB)

10 Books by Stephanie Brother
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Overview: Stephanie Brother writes scintillating stories with step-siblings as their main romantic focus. She’s always been curious about the forbidden, and this is her way of exploring such complex relationships that threaten to keep her couples apart. As she writes her way to her dream job, Stephanie hopes that her readers will enjoy the full emotional and romantic experience as much as she’s enjoyed writing them.
Genre: Fiction> Romance


(#1) Stepbrother Beloved: They were each other’s safe haven during their parents’ drunken rages. As children growing up, they made their own happy world of Monopoly and tree forts, best friends forever. But then Maggie and Tanner were separated. On the rare times they saw each other, Maggie couldn’t help her forbidden attraction to his ripped body, his teasing green eyes, his mountain climber strength and confidence. But she wanted a very different life—the safety and security of a corporate job and a fat bank account. It would never work. For a thousand reasons, it would never work. So why is untouched Maggie unable to think of anything but seducing her stepbrother? And will Tanner give in to the blazing lust he feels for the girl he’s always loved but thought he should never have?

(#2) Billionaire Stepbrother Obsession : When her billionaire hunk of a stepbrother returns home from college for the summer vacation, Crystal’s hope at being able to deny her feelings for him are blown away the moment she lays eyes on him, the warmth in her chest telling her that regardless of the price, she has to have him. Now and forever. That is how her seduction campaign is born, from feelings that have haunted her for months and brought her endless sleepless nights, each night filled with longings and desires of never experienced before intensity that leave her breathless. Unfortunately, her seduction efforts are met by a cool and disheartening indifference. But Crystal wouldn’t be Crystal if she’d walk away from a challenge. Upgrading her image to that of a sensuous mirage, she goes for all or broke when her stepbrother and her are alone and on their way to meet friends to spend the afternoon with. Crystal, however, has far other plans in mind.

(#3) Stebrother’s Inheritance: Benjamin Brandt was the cool, popular wrestling champ and football player in school. Now he’s the paparazzi’s ‘Prince’ living the playboy life of the rich and famous. When our parents got together I was awkward, gangly but he was my hero. He always stood up for me. Until not long after graduation he left and never looked back. Just like my mom. Now his mother’s dead and he’s back in town. Part of her last will is that we reconcile but he’s dead set against her wish that we spend the month together at her villa in France. Even for his inheritance he doesn’t want to spend time with me. Why does he hate me? Why can’t I get the image of his grey eyes and solid body out of my head? What happened that night he left town?

(#4) Stepbrother Confession: Kelsy and Erik’s parents were made for each other, a true love story. Unfortunately, so were Kelsy and Erik. When Kelsy’s mom marries Erik’s dad, the smitten teen has to accept that her mom’s new relationship makes Erik off limits. So she settles for developing a tight bond as close friends with her sexy, bad boy step-brother instead. When things go a little too far after Kelsy’s graduation party, Erik finds himself destroyed by his guilt for letting his feelings for his step sister get the better of him. In an attempt to flee from his forbidden love for Kelsy he takes off on a motorcycle, leaving his step sister heartbroken, convinced that she’s to blame. When a tragic accident that takes their parents’ lives six years later, Kelsy is faced with an opportunity to convince Erik that she had been nothing more than a silly school girl with a crush. She’s all grown up now with a career and a fiance, ready to patch things up and move forward as siblings. And nothing more. If only she can convince herself…

(#5) Stepbrother Holiday: Nina had always kept to her books, knowing that the only way she could achieve her dreams was to study, study, study. She thought she didn’t have time for romance, though she had to admit that she was often lonely. Hayden always got what he wanted, his ambition paving the way to his rise in the family’s billion dollar company. But when his father decides to marry Nina’s mother, he’s going to discover that the one thing he actually needs is what he cannot have. Brought together for just one week, they find themselves falling for each other, despite the fact that they can never be together. Will they resist the one thing thing that they want most, or will Nina lower her walls long enough for Hayden to spark more than just her most forbidden desire?

(#6) Stepbrother Revealed: Sienna Graham was always able to ignore romance. The drama, the games, the fights … none of it appealed to her. Library science is Sienna’s main love, and she long ago gave up the romantic idea of a handsome prince sweeping her off her feet. Fairy tales are for children, and Sienna is a responsible adult, thank you very much. Certainly, she never imagined she’d fall into a stranger’s arms on the eve of her mother’s wedding. But when she gets on the plane bound for the island celebration, she meets Chase Hathaway. And he’s a complication she never saw coming. Even though he comes off as arrogant and privileged, Chase takes care of Sienna when her flight anxiety gets the best of her. His warmth, humor, and genuine smile start a small spark of longing that Sienna hasn’t felt in years. There’s only one problem. He’s her brand new stepbrother. And Sienna is not prepared to deal with that.

(#7) Step Lover: Three years ago, Hale disappeared from Zoe’s life without an explanation or even a goodbye. His appearance at her college graduation party is unexpected, as is his offer to let her use his apartment for the summer while he’s in Europe. Living with him would be a bad idea because of the unresolved attraction between them, but there’s no harm in staying in his empty apartment—until plans change, and he returns home early. Their forbidden love could cost them everything, but sharing 800 sq. ft. leaves nowhere to escape from the intense passion smoldering between them.

(#8) Stepbrother, My Love: He’s been waiting for her… all his life. Billionaire Liam McAllister had a rough start in life. He’s moved on from his past with a new life, and a new name, but he never forgot the one person who offered him love and kindness when he needed it the most– his stepsister, Jenny Albright. She never thought she’d see him again… and now he won’t take no for an answer…When Liam comes back into her life unexpectedly, Jenny welcomes him with open arms. What she doesn’t know is that he’s not just been hiding his love for her all these years, he has a few other secrets too… Will Jenny be able to forgive Liam his deceptions and learn to love the one man who has always been off limits to her?

(#9): Stepbrother Savior: I’ve always had a thing for bad boys. But the problem with falling for bad boys? They’re bad. Nicole has never had the best taste in men. Her first forbidden love affair was with her uptight, soldier stepbrother—a teenaged crush that led to years of family trouble. After that came a string of losers and even more unhealthy relationships, like the one she has with Carlos, her possessive, abusive boyfriend. But when Carlos hits Nicole one too many times, she flees to her stepbrother’s house in the dead of night, cold, barefoot, and bleeding. Because she has no where else to go, Jake takes her in. And what begins as one of his standard lectures about how she needs to get her life together ends in a heartfelt confession that will change their lives forever. Because Jake might not be anything like the guys Nicole is usually attracted to, but he protects what belongs to him. And he will live, die, or kill for the woman he loves…

(#10) Stepbrother Forbidden: I’ve always wanted him. He’s always hated me. I shouldn’t want him. I shouldn’t. But every time I look at him logic dies and my body yearns for his touch. Will he ever think of me the same way? I doubt it. His indifferent gaze says as much. I’ll be spending my summer vacation trip with him. I’m sure I can ignore these feelings. Because I shouldn’t want him. I shouldn’t. After all, he’s my stepbrother. He’s forbidden.

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