10 Books by Lucinda Nelson (.ePUB)

10 Books by Lucinda Nelson (.ePUB)

10 Books by Lucinda Nelson
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Overview: Lucinda Nelson has grown up and now lives in Concord, New Hampshire.
Genre: Romance


The Roguish Ways of a Hopeless Duke– A broken heart can never be mended… or so they thought.
Evie Seymour is a Lady only on the title now. Her father is almost destitute and she and her sisters need to find a suitor the soonest. Evie has a better idea, to work as a lady in waiting for Lord Wellington’s sister.
Duke Thaddeus Wellington is a lonesome Duke after his wife’s passing and he tends to distract his loneliness with rakish ways.
When he meets Evie, he thinks that he feels only sympathy for the sweet Lady who stepped to tend the needs of his sister.
Both of their hearts will fall into a turmoil of emotions without realizing it. Will his ego let him resolve his issues with communication or will her pride dispel his feelings away?

An Earl for the Broken-Hearted Duchess – A tale of loss, deception and the true strength of the heart.
Lady Margaret Baxter lost her husband, the Duke of Lowe. He was found dead at the hands of his mistress and now Margaret wants to bury her head in the sand. She decides to escape with her six-year-old son Ezra, away from the scandal. The country residence in Comptonshire seems the only choice.
Lord Nathaniel Sterling recently returned from the Navy to take over his position as an Earl since his older brother died, a position he despises as much as the peerage in general. He was heartbroken once and he has no intention to marry soon. His only goal is to build a school for the poor, until he saved a little boy from an accident and sought help from a stranger, Lady Margaret Baxter, and he immediately fell in love with her.
But he is an Earl and she is a Duchess, and most importantly, she is a widow in mourning. Both of them cannot resist their burning desire to connect. As much as they want to keep distance in order to avoid scandal again, she is drawn to him like a moth to a flame.
As they navigate these obstacles and more, among friends and foes, another force comes into play and threatens to tear them apart forever. As they try to overcome their past heartbreaks and their fear of love, they are left with one question: Will rank, reputation and deception win out? Or can love truly conquer all?

A Marquess’ Forbidden Desire – Behind Masks and false identities, they find their undeniable match. But when the masks fall, hearts will break.
When Lady Marianne Purcell visits Bath for a holiday to escape her sister’s temper and her mother’s scheming, she finds herself at a country fair. Masked and eager to pretend to be someone she’s not, she meets a gentleman who also disguises his identity. Intrigued and liberated by rouse, she meets the man at the fair every evening for three nights. They dance. They laugh. They kiss. And they fall in love.
When they part ways at the end of their three nights together, she thinks she is leaving behind a shy townsman and returns to Mayfair with a sore heart. But when her sister introduces her newfound fiancé, Marianne soon realizes that she made a grave mistake.
The masked man had not been a townsman. The masked man was Lord Alexander Redmond, the Marquess of Riversdale. And her cruel sister’s fiancé.
With the help of her beloved friend, can Marianne persuade Alexander that love prevails over duty? And in the face of his father’s expectations, can Alexander prioritize his happiness over his fear of disappointing his father? Being so tender-hearted, will Marianne put her conniving sister’s materialistic desires over her own heart?
Without their masks, Alexander and Marianne are different people. As they try to navigate the minefield of expectation and duty that surrounds them, will the love they felt at the country fair reign victoriously? Only time will tell.

A Wicked Scandal for the Bluestocking – She once saved his life. Now it’s time for him to save hers…
Charlene Ellington is the daughter of a well-known and respected doctor in the area of Bath. Going to the woods to collect some herbs for her father’s work, she encounters the young Lord Eric Cumberland who was bitten by a venomous snake. Brave Charlene drags him immediately to her house and her father saves his life.
The young Lord promised Charlene to repay the debt whenever Charlene needed his help. And he sealed that promise with a kiss. Her first one and not forgotten by both of them.
Years after Charlene’s father is accused of poisoning a member of the peerage and he is sentenced to death. A devious Marquess blackmails her that if she betroths to him, he will clear her father’s name. Charlene decides to ask Eric’s help who is now an eligible and very wealthy Duke with a lot of power due to his father’s connections.
But Charlene Ellington’s name is already dragged in the mud with the serious allegations against her father and Eric’s family doesn’t want him to associate with her. Besides the real murderer lurks in the shadows…
Eric feels his passion for her grow as he is trying to help her case.
But so is the passion of the devilish Marquess for her…
Between schemes, life threatening and dangerous poisons will they find their place in the sun?

Seducing the Vengeful Marquess – He wants vengeance for his friend’s death. She wants vengeance for her aunt’s broken heart. What fate holds for them, they could have never imagined.
When Miss Loraine Beauchamp’s parents pass away, she is sent to live with her embittered Aunt Esther in America. Poisoned by her aunt’s disdain for love and men alike, Loraine scorns any man with the nerve to pursue her and swears that she will never marry.
Lord Philip Everton, the Marquis of Blackhill, is a known rogue and womanizer. He uses alcohol and gambling to distract him from the pain of losing his mother and a dear friend who committed suicide when his heart was broken.
When he attends a ball, he unexpectedly comes face to face with the woman responsible for his friend’s death. When his friends challenge Philip to try and win her, he agrees, with every intention of proving his merit as a womanizer.
And also take his revenge on this treacherous woman and utterly break her heart into pieces…
But what Phillip doesn’t know is that Loraine has a devious plan of her own, for he is the son of the man who shuttered her aunt’s hopes decades earlier…
Philip and Loraine will enter a perilous game of gambling with each other’s feelings and when the truth of their intentions is revealed, no one will be able to say who wins and who loses.

His Devilish Grace – The most powerful secrets are the truths you thought you could never reveal… and once spoken, they change everything.
When the scandalous Solomon Dunn, the Duke of Thornehill, discovers that one of his business partners is stealing from him, he knows just the right person to help him find the culprit: Thomas Wolcott, a well-known investigator in London.
Thomas’s sister, Teresa, is not well-liked among the high society of the city, as she speaks her mind and has fits of anxiety at balls and parties. Nonetheless, Solomon is intrigued by her and starts to teach her how to control those fears. Teresa, for her part, enjoys the Duke’s attentions, yet suspects he cannot make a commitment. Can she trust him as she grows closer to him emotionally?
Solomon and Thomas close in on the suspects. But closer seems the mysterious enemy as he is always one step ahead and when word comes out that Teresa is Solomon’s new interest, she will be used as ammunition…
With this endeavour, Solomon will realize that Teresa stole the one thing he thought he never had…His heart.
And just when Teresa finally succeeds to open up this Rogue, she may discover that in gaining love she might lose her life…

The Sinful Secret of a Broken Earl – It takes time to heal a wound, they say… But in his case, her passion is the way…
When Lord Henry Rivers, the Earl of Radingley, discovers that his wife has left him for another man, his entire life seems to fall apart. Left with a young daughter who resembles her mother an awful lot, he turns into a rogue trying to escape his pain.
Miss Magdalene Riley, known as Maggie, is absolutely desperate. After her father loses all of their fortune to gambling, the once graceful Lady is left destitute, trying to make ends meet for her and her brother.
When Lord Henry makes them an offer they can’t refuse, Maggie will find herself working for the surly and harsh Lord as his daughter’s governess. And though their interactions are fraught with tension, there seems to be a brewing desire neither of them can ignore.
But betrayal is a bitter pill to swallow for Henry and fate has a will of its own.
When his wife is suddenly found murdered, all fingers point at Henry and soon Magdalene will have to choose between logic and her heart.
And just as Henry discovers that Magdalene may be the one to heal his heart, he may lose her forever… along with his life…

An Untamed Lady for the Rakish Earl – She needs some tutoring on manners. He needs to be taught a lesson. Their inner fire is what divides them but also what will unite them forever…
Juliana Gaverton is born out of wedlock. With her mother now deceased, her father, Count Jeremiah Browning is set on giving her the prosperous life she never had. But first, she needs to be taught the manners of the ton. A course she despises until he appears…
Gilbert Rowland, Earl of Harlenshire is what all Ladies want, dashing, rich and eligible…But since he had his heart broken, he swore to get his revenge on every lady that comes his way. This he is able to accomplish until he meets her…
However you can never come out unscathed from your past and when Juliana discovers Gilbert’s, he will have to counter the damage before it’s too late…
But even then, there is always someone waiting in the wings for you to slip and fall… as they are both about to find out…

A Hidden Duke for the Passionate Lady – A broken heart can never be mended… or so they thought.
Miss Selina Clifford, daughter of a successful merchant is absolutely desperate. After her father announces that she is to be courted by a Lord she utterly despises, she has no other choice but to run away.
Raised by his aunt, Edward Macalister carries a big secret and a deep wound in his heart. With no other option but excel, he is now a rich, educated and successful merchant. Or so he seems…
When an accident brings Selina and Edward together, a smoldering attraction will start burning between them. Only he is refused to court her.
In the blink of an eye, Edward will realize that accepting his real identity as the Duke of Bellford might be the only way to get Selina after all.
But a deadly enemy lurks in the shadows, and his need to take everything away from Edward, including Selina is deep.
He will get his way, even if he has to take Edward out of it…

A Duke’s Burning Desire– He was searching for the truth, and hefound it in her eyes.
Mr. Nathaniel Nielsroth has only one goal– to find out who his parents are and discover his real identity. When a mysterious source promises to give him the answers he needs if he regains a document of importance, he immediately accepts the challenge.
Miss Annette Bouvarie has never been able to fit in. After bearing years of scornful comments about her witty spirit, she finally meets a handsome man who admires Hereford who she is. Anette falls for him harder than she thought it was possible.
But as an uncontrollable passion for Annette starts burning in Nathaniel, the tables are slowly turning…
When the deal he struck demands fulfillment, Nathaniel soon becomes prey to his own hunting game. And as the enemy is closing in on him, he will have to choose between finally finding the truth or losing the woman he loves so passionately.

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