10 Books by Henrietta Harding (.ePUB)

10 Books by Henrietta Harding (.ePUB)

10 Books by Henrietta Harding
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Overview: Henrietta Harding was born in Atlanta, but she moved to Europe with her parents at the age of 7. She fell in love with France, and especially Paris, a city that inspired and continues to inspire her a lot.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


A Scandalous Love for the Enticing Duke- When Eleanor Birmingham finds herself enchanted by Nicholas, a stranger who seems as though he had just walked out of one of her favourite books, she gets a taste of what love could feel like. She never expected to find exactly what she was looking for! However, it seems that luck is not on her side, for the tempting stranger who had spoken to her heart and soul, is the same man who is to be married to her eldest sister! Trying to avoid this undeniable attraction, will she be able to put reason over her growing passion?
Agnes Birmingham has found the one and only since she came to know what love is. Despite her parents’ efforts, she has refused men for years, in hopes that one day, her scandalous affair with her merchant would finally be out in the open. But this would not be the case anymore. When she finds herself forced to marry, how can she do this deed, when her heart belongs to another man?
Isabelle Birmingham, the youngest daughter of the family, despite being flighty and flirty, she is a total dear at heart! When she unearths the dilemma her sisters have found themselves in, she decides to take action! Enlisting the help of Nicholas’s best friend and her archenemy, she seeks to give everyone their happy ending. But all the while, will she also find hers?
Three couples against society rules, and a mother who stood only for status and title. She would stop at nothing to see her daughters married to men of title and equal social standing…

The Mischievous Plan of a Fiery Lady – Isabella Desmarais has her world turned upside down in a single day. But even as her father cancels her engagement and makes her travel to England to become the wife of a Duke, Isabella is not one to give up that easily! Her spirited, witty nature pushes her to change positions with her maid with the intention of sabotaging the engagement. However, even though she’s determined to dislike the Duke, she can’t help but feel an untamed attraction towards him. When the innocent attraction evolves into ardent passion, what is she willing to do to salvage the situation?
Thomas Wilmington has just returned from Scotland to become the Duke in his late father’s place but also inherit the massive debt that came with the title. He is in desperate need of money. Fortunately for him, the solution comes in the face of a wealthy French merchant’s daughter. The only problem is, she’s not the fiery, passionate woman he expected to meet. To add to his problems, he finds himself irresistibly attracted to her maid! Entangled in this impossible situation, will he choose love and undeniable passion over duty?
When things don’t go according to plan and identities are threatened to be exposed, what can Isabella do to ensure that she won’t lose Thomas? In this forbidden romance, can they find a reason to believe it’s worth risking everything they have for it? The battle between right and wrong may not have the final say in this story of unprecedented love.

The Irresistible Allure of a Lady Spy – When Isaac Ollerton and his father, known as the Spymaster, almost come to a dead end with their case, a young and irresistibly beautiful barmaid has an idea they haven’t even thought of. It looks preposterous at first but the more they think about it, the better it sounds. Isaac is an ambitious young man, willing to follow his father’s path and become a good spy. He’s attracted to powerful women and knows how to handle them. But will he able to cope with the charms of this mysterious Lady?
Mary Warwick leads a simple life, working hard as a barmaid at the tavern Mr. Ollerton and his father frequent. She had seen the life of the regents and is still gathering herself from being cast away from the house of one. However, an unprecedented proposal is about to change everything. Is she willing to risk everything and give in to passion?
When love blossoms in the most unlikely situation, it can threaten to sabotage the entire case. What happens when demons from Mary’s past refuse to leave? Is love strong enough to last or do the obstacles manage to destroy every piece of it?

The Secret Love of a Scandalous Lady – After her mother’s death, Madalene Reid is sent away to London to endure a tutelage under her great aunt, Lady Stenton. She is forced to leave behind all she has ever known, including the man who forms the most powerful temptation for her. While making the hardest decision in her whole life, will she really be able to suffer this exile, away from everything and everyone? She promised that she will return, but will he still be there waiting?
Since he was just a child, Benjamin Grant has only loved one person in this world, a girl who is innocently unaware of her own charms. His mind and body were always acting at odds when he was around her. Before he knew it, their unconditional friendship turned to passionate love. When they will have to go their separate ways, they will promise each other not to let love fade away. But can Benjamin keep his promise, while worry and doubt creep in as time goes by?
Madalene is determined not to give up, but is Benjamin’s love strong enough to last forever? Rumors and scandal may divide them, but can Benjamin and Madalene truly ever find their way back together or is their sizzling passion lost to the ages?

A Sonata for the Fiery Lady – When the Earl of Wellington, Miss Melisa Stanton’s father, announces her engagement to the Duke of Avertin to everyone’s surprise, she sinks into despair. He’s a womanizer she despises, and there’s nothing she would want more than to get out of this engagement. Leaving in secret with a mysterious stranger is her only chance to escape imprisonment. But will this fiery Lady be able to live with nothing when she is used to have everything?
Mr. Oliver Quinn is a skilled pianist and a very handsome man. While life has not been easy for him already, he will soon find himself accused of an egregious crime he did not commit. There seems to be no other option for him than to leave England, but to his misfortune, he does not have enough money. When an offer comes up to play at a ball organised by the Earl of Wellington, he can not turn it down. When everything he was aiming for was his freedom, will an unexpected meeting the very same night change his life forever?
His dark brown hair and eyes, his tall and a strong build tantalized Miss Melisa when she first saw him. But is she willing to give up everything and run away with the seductive stranger? And what if the mysterious musician has his own reasons for escaping? When the future is uncertain and important decisions need to be made, will Miss Melisa make the right choice?

The Double Identity of a Seductive Lady – Miss Sophie Fournier arrives in London penniless, while she desperately needs to pay for her brother’s passage from France to England. Having no other option, she takes up the position of the cook at the townhouse of the Duke of Northpeak. When the former Duke’s solicitor, Mr. Ferguson, offers Sophie a way to earn additional income if she spies on the Duke, who will she trust, when all she sees in the Duke is kindness? To her surprise, she will soon find out that the charming Mr. Ferguson schemes to dishonor the Duke in the hope of claiming his title. With this in mind, will she be able to keep herself distant to his affection?
Lord Marcus Kingston, the Duke of Northpeak is a kind man who inherited his title at a very young age. The Duke has always longed to achieve his own happiness, but finding a perfect match to his beloved sister, Margret, must come first. What will happen when his forbidden feelings for his new lady chef are about to explode? How will he be able to resist this undeniable passion, and stay true to his plan at the same time?
They have discovered their electrifying connection under very peculiar circumstances, but what will happen if he finds out about her secret identity? Being conquered by two men, will she be able to make the right choice? Was it fate that these two passionate souls would meet?

Unmasked by a Captivating Lady – Miss Arabella Nott desires nothing more in life than to ride her beloved horse through the fields around her home in Dorset. Although her mother won’t stop pressuring Ara to think about eligible young men and marriage, she has vowed that she will never marry. But when she unexpectedly meets a handsome Duke, he ignites a fire inside her, in ways that she could never have imagined. Why is she suddenly thinking that marriage to the Duke might be just what she desires when she has always been so vehemently opposed to it?
In London, Lord Miles Comerford, younger brother to the Duke of Lancaster, places a bet with his brother. He will pretend to be the Duke, to prove that all the young ladies are only attracted to his brother’s title. Even though he has vowed that he will never let another woman touch his heart again, it is a good wager, and Miles is confident that he shall collect the winnings. But when the first young lady he meets is the delectable and fiery Miss Arabella Nott, he finds that the bet might be more of a liability than an asset…When his heart beats faster every time he thinks about her, will he be able to risk it all and reveal the truth?
As the ball approaches, choices must be made, by both of them. Will they deepen the desire that burns between them? Or will the Duke’s trickery make a mockery of the burgeoning love, before it has even started to blossom?

The Burning Passion of a Fiery Lady – Susannah is still in mourning, wearing her widow’s weeds, for her husband who shockingly fell from his horse and died a year ago. They call her the “Widow Drake”, because she is lonely and grieving, but there is much more around this mysterious widow. She carries secrets buried deep about her marriage that nobody should ever find out! For Susannah, the first glimpse of the tall, handsome master of horses will kindle something deep inside her, something that she never thought she would feel again. But with wounds from the past still bleeding, how can she ever hope to open her heart, and love again?
When Jasper Stone arrives at The Willows, to tame the new colt the Widow Drake has purchased, he mistakenly thinks there is nothing exciting about his new assignment. He has been drifting through the country, trying to clear his mind from the painful events that forced him to leave home many months ago…But the Widow Drake is not the middle aged virago Jasper is anticipating. She is a young, beautiful woman; a passionate woman that might be dangerous. How can he hope to keep the fortress he has built around his heart intact?
Jasper is not alone in trying to attract the beautiful Widow Drake. A man from her past holds the key to the painful secrets of her past, as well as threatens her very future. As Jasper and Susannah grow closer, she knows she is being drawn to him, as irresistibly as a moth to fire. Can she find the courage to open her heart, even if danger swirls all around her once again?

The Marquis’ Game of Seduction – Rose Hollingsworth does not expect much from life. Raised as an orphan in a dodgy part of London, she will now find herself a governess in a secretive estate, the home of the brash and arrogant Marquis of Kensington. Society dictates that a governess should be modest, quiet, and keep to herself; she may never contradict her employer and above all, she must not attract the attention of any male in the household. But what if this governess is the one breaking all the rules?
Colin, the Marquis of Kensington has a kind heart, but he finds it hard to open up and show his tender side. When his sister becomes deathly ill and his nephew Duncan requires a temporary home, he will hire Rose. But the moment the stubborn little governess attempts to reform him, he will make her understand he won’t be tamed, by teaching her how to behave. When pleasure overwhelms them and Rose ends up being more than he bargained for – clever, perceptive, passionate- will Colin be able to reach her heart without risking his own?
The Kensington Estate is rife with secrets, some of them being very dark. Rose can sense that the Marquis is lying to cover up his dark past and she’s determined to prove it. Slowly, she peels back the layers of this chaotic world, discovering the truth about the ghost rumors in the mansion. In a game of truth and power, how can Colin maintain his defenses when the only thing he wants to do is let the tempting lady win?

A Night With a Ravishing Governess – Bridget Cottrill has never wished for this horrific reality; abandoning her life, her family, and everything she’s ever known. Eager to change her circumstances, she decides to depart for Buckinghamshire to take upon a governess position, but a great surprise awaits her; trying to escape from her cruel and deviant lover, Aaron Barlow, she will end up into another man’s arms. Graham will steal her heart from the very first moment. When their sizzling passion becomes undeniable, will the fiery Bridget manage to find true love?
Being the eldest son of the Duke of Huntington, Graham is the sort of man who never bothered himself with frivolous courting. When he meets the new governess of their family, he’s faced with something powerful, life-altering; emotions he could never have foreseen. The whip-smart and bright-eyed Bridget immediately steals his heart, but this union is something the Duke would never approve of. Will Graham be able to prove that their love is meant to be?
When the Duke’s priceless heirloom is ripped from his study during a ball, it’s obvious to everyone that Bridget is the thief. Now, she must prove her innocence both to Graham and the Duke himself. Their journey to discover the true thief will slowly lead them to a burning affair that will tear their worlds apart. Will they let each other close enough to fight together for their love? Will they survive to meet the passionate future they could have together?

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